NAILTA 2015 Conference has been cancelled

The National Association of Independent Land Title Agents (NAILTA) has gone through numerous changes in the last year with respect to our leadership.  Our national conference which was to be held September 19 -22, 2015 in Baltimore was scheduled at that time for a very specific reason, the implementation of TRID (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure).  We felt that our conference, together with our speakers and panel of experts would provide very timely and concise information for the independent title agents during this time of implementation.   Considering recent events in Baltimore , the changes in our  leadership, the recent the death of our President, David LeClere and other factors outside of our control, the Board of Directors of NAILTA has determined that it is necessary to cancel this year’s Conference.  This decision was reached after much discussion and debate.  Refunds are being made to all parties who had enrolled to date.

It is the intention of the Board as newly constituted to re-focus and re-commit our future efforts to the principles upon which NAILTA was initially created, namely:

  • Restore transparency and credibility to the land title process, preserve the objective and impartial role of the title agent at the closing table to improve the consumer experience.
  • To eliminate conflicts of interest between title agents and their referral sources, as well as, between all real estate settlement service providers and their sources of business.
  • To establish a minimum search standard for title examinations to restore faith in the system of land title.  And, to bring together common interests and concerns from across the country from the entire spectrum of real estate settlement service providers to successfully advocate for independent agents and their like-minded partners in the real estate settlement service community in order to effect positive change on the title industry.


The Board has agreed to hold the 2016  Annual Convention in Dallas, Texas , and we are already working on that conference.  We will continue to work for our members, listen to their concerns and provide the voice for the independent land title agents across the United States.