The Road Ahead for NAILTA: a President’s Message

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Hello and happy holidays to all of our NAILTA members and friends! My name is Rob Holman and I have the pleasure of serving as your NAILTA President for the next two years.

This is a busy and special time of the year.  The holidays and our year-end business responsibilities keep us occupied at nearly every available moment. I hope this message finds each of you in good times and spirits. It is my sincere hope that you make time to spend as much time as you can with friends and family over the holidays.  There is nothing we do that is more important.

Throughout the coming year, it is my goal to reach out to members through this medium to give you a periodic picture into what NAILTA is doing and where we are going.  We intend on also providing a more formal newsletter for topical and timely industry news, as well.  The goal is to keep everyone informed on NAILTA’s work and to encourage your participation and inquiry.

In a few weeks, I will begin our collaborative efforts on NAILTA’s 2017-2018 agenda with a dedicated and hard-working group of Board Members who share our collective vision for a healthy and robust independent real estate settlement service provider community.  We will need your help.  In order to accomplish our goals, we will depend upon each of you to become more involved.  Volunteer opportunities include committee participation, attendance at events and continued support of our political action committee, NAILTAPAC, and renewal of membership commitments.

Our goal is to provide value. Our success in that endeavor will be measured by your level of involvement. We are currently seeking committee members for the following:

  • Policy and Legislative Affairs (PLA)
  • Membership
  • Education
  • Liaison

If interested, you should expect a minimum of one teleconference meeting per quarter.  Those that participate in committee work will have a direct role in shaping important policies and agendas for the organization, as well as, being in front of many of the issues that impact all of us. If you are interested in joining a NAILTA committee or would like more information on what is entailed in volunteering, please reach out to us by emailing us at

So what is NAILTA doing this year?

I am excited to answer this question.  As part of my leadership agenda, I am proposing three immediate fundamental initiatives for NAILTA in 2017.  These initiatives will be in addition to the ordinary business of NAILTA, which includes public outreach, education and advocacy.

First, we are going to dramatically overhaul the membership process.  We will be discussing ways to fulfill our responsibilities to existing state independent land title associations as well as enhancing the member benefits and value that each new NAILTA member deserves.  I would like to develop a meaningful membership “welcome” package that introduces the organization and helps members have access to the tools that make independent settlement service providers so valuable — a network of like-minded members and the events where those members are served.

As part of our member value proposition, we will look to enhance programming and information through education, technology and compliance seminars throughout the year. We will be using additional initiatives in 2017 (see below) as incentives to maintain membership in NAILTA, as well.

Second, we will be coordinating the future endowment of scholarship programs throughout the United States for the study of real estate settlement, title insurance, title examining and abstracting. We have reached out to representatives from several U.S. law schools to discuss the creation of NAILTA scholarships which would encourage the development of highly-trained professionals in the real estate industry, and specifically, those who understand the important nexus between professionalism, ethics and our role as independent settlement service providers.

Finally, we will be creating a robust set of ethical standards for our industry that will be the impetus for raising the public’s trust and confidence in the settlement service professional.  The problems of conflict of interest are not just those found in today’s politics, but also in the real estate settlement spectrum.  NAILTA will create a Code of Ethics with enforceable guidelines tied to membership.  Our goal? To give NAILTA members the professional credibility to market themselves as governed by the highest ethical standards in our business. An ad hoc committee has already been formed to research and deliver these standards no later than the end of 2017.

Value. Scholarship. Ethics.  These are the foundations of NAILTA that we want to create or reinforce with your help.

What Can You Do?

Renew/retain your membership in NAILTA.  Go to to reinvest in our cause. Join a committee.  Organize a local NAILTA meeting or continuing education session.  Email me directly — — to ask questions or find out more information about our initiatives.  Stay involved!

This is just the beginning of our efforts.  I hope you will join with me on this journey to make a difference for all of us!


Rob Holman
President, NAILTA