My Fellow Members and Friends

It has been brought to our attention that two of our own have been affected by the devastating storms in Oklahoma. Various members of NAILTA and their families have sent donations to assist our fellow agents and the citizens of the town in their rebuilding process.

I am asking you, my fellow agents and agency owners, to begin the process of sending contributions to this worthy cause. Regardless of who is affected by this devastation it must be remembered that we, as an industry, working within the community and it is only natural for us to join together to assist in the rebuilding process of our community, no matter where that community exists.

To make a donation, visit their website for more information or  mail a check directly to:

OKLAHOMA LAND TITLE ASSOCIATION, PO Box 1544, Oklahoma City, OK 73101.

On behalf of all the independent settlement service providers and escrow agents allow me to thank you for your generous contribution to our colleagues in Oklahoma.

Anthony L. Affatati, Sr.
For The Board of Directors
National Association of Independent Land Title Agents