Kentucky sues MERS!

As reported at Source of Title: "County attorneys for 14 of Kentucky's 120 counties have jointly filed a class action suit against MERS and dozens of MERS shareholders, including title industry organizations such as ALTA, First American, and Stewart.  The lawsuit...

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Louisiana Clerks of Court Sue MERS

In the continuing saga of fraud, racketeering and debauchery, the incorrigible MERS is once again in the news.  This time in the state of Louisiana.  Clerks of court in 30 of Louisiana's 64 parishes have combined to file a lawsuit this week against 17 MERS member...

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MERS Sued in Florida

Duval County Florida County Clerk Jim Fuller, has filed a class action lawsuit against MERS on behalf of Duval County and other counties in Florida. The suit alleges that the bank-owned mortgage registry violates state laws and has cost local governments millions in...

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