Anthony L. Affatati, Sr.


It is with profound sadness that we share the news that former NAILTA President, Anthony L. Affatati, Sr., passed away on February 13, 2018 at the age of 75.

Anthony was a passionate leader of our organization, a charter member of NAILTA and a consistent voice for independent land title agents in New York and New Jersey and throughout the country.  His loss is large.

Mr. Affatati served as NAILTA’s first Vice President in 2008 and succeeded our first President, Charles W. Proctor, III, in that same role in 2012.  Anthony owned and operated Applied Title and Abstract Company in Freehold, New Jersey.  He was also a proud veteran in the U.S. Air Force.

Anthony was a “larger-than-life” figure who spoke strongly about his concerns for small business owners in the title insurance industry.  There was no better champion of our cause and no more motivated person in our calling.  His energized speeches and calls-to-action roused many of our critical early moments as an organization.

Anthony preached persistence and the dogged pursuit of possibility in every discipline.  He was a highly motivated and dedicated advocate both in NAILTA and through his leadership in Kiwanis International, where he served as a District Governor for the state of New Jersey.

He was a beloved parent, peer and friend. There are many stories and anecdotes that reinforced our personal admiration for Anthony, but there will never be enough time to hear them all.  He lived a rich and full life and he left us and others in awe of his passion and hard work.

In speaking with him shortly before his passing, he mentioned multiple times how much he loved being a title insurance professional and how much it meant to him to represent independent land title agents at this time when there were so many challenges that we face.  He was nevertheless unafraid and optimistic, even in his recent illness.  He loved NAILTA and the work we have ahead.

Ever the optimist, he will be sorely missed.

On behalf of our entire NAILTA family and all of the members past, present and future who benefit from his leadership, we owe a humble thank you, sir.