The National Association of Independent Land Title Agents (NAILTA) is pleased to announce that Rob Holman will become its fifth organizational President on January 1, 2017.

Holman, a 17-year title insurance industry veteran, is currently the President and General Counsel for General Title Insurance Company in Cleveland, Ohio, a regional title insurance underwriter with independent land title agents located in six states. Rob is a founding and charter member of NAILTA and previously served on the NAILTA Board of Trustees from 2008 to 2014.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to lead NAILTA over the next two years as its President and to work with each of [its members] and soon, I realize, the heavy-lifting will begin,” Holman wrote in October.  “I have no illusion that [this] endeavor will be easy or accomplished through the solitary actions of just one person. The success of NAILTA is tied to the collective action of each member,” he continued.

NAILTA members also selected a new slate of Board Members that includes: Margaret Sklenar of Fort Wayne, Indiana, who will serve as Vice President, Pat Miller of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who will serve as Treasurer; Nancy Silberberg of Upland, California; Jimmy Dill of Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Van Winton of Paragould, Arkansas; and John Novarina of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The new Board represents a wide-swath of the United States and brings experiences from escrow, title and abstracting together. It is a diverse and talented group.

“It is more ideal to have an independent land title association run by independent land title agents, not by underwriters.  I will be responsible for confronting that criticism throughout my tenure [as President] because I come from an underwriting perspective, but I am prepared to accept it and convince our detractors that my stewardship will not stray into self-interest or the indulgences of other trade organizations who make NAILTA’s existence necessary,” Holman offered.

Holman’s agenda is ambitious:  “We want to provide the tools and skills to the oft-ignored independent land title agent to help them improve their technological and marketing focus as they compete with larger — and many times conflicted – competitors for business.”

NAILTA is determined to provide member-value by increasing publication of its news resources, adding more continuing education opportunities and strengthening the marketing and competitive focus of its members.

“We are going to connect tech innovators with small business operators which will help keep our members on top of cyber threats, improve business efficiency’s and support compliance in the face of regulatory changes in our industry.  In addition, we want to invest in the future of our industry by promoting educational programs, scholarship and ethics in the title insurance community,” Holman continued.

“Our industry does not do enough to promote itself and its positive initiatives.  My goal is to get that car back on the road and hand the keys to someone who is ready to drive it in the proper direction again,”  Holman added.

For more information on Mr. Holman’s two-year NAILTA agenda or to participate on a NAILTA committee connected thereto, please contact NAILTA by emailing your request to

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