Among the list are placement or referral of title insurance business, including, among others, facilitating discounts in the costs of inspection reports, appraisals or surveys to purchasers or prospective purchasers of title insurance, providing memberships in certain organizations at a reduced or no cost to an interested party (as defined in the Rule), and making or offering to make charitable or other tax-deductible contributions on behalf of a purchaser or prospective purchaser of title insurance.

The Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Agent & Agency Services, hereby provides Notice of Final Adoption of  Rule Chapter 69B-186.010,  Florida Administrative Code, relating to Unlawful Inducements Related to Title Insurance Transactions.  The final rule version will become effective on February 9, 2016.


Final Adopted Version in F.A.C.
Department: Department of Financial Services
Division: Division of Insurance Agents and Agency Services
Rule No.: 69B-186.010
Rule Titles: Unlawful Inducements Related to Title Insurance Transactions