We are proud to announce that Arkansas independent land title agents have formed the Arkansas Association of Independent Land Title Agents (AAILTA) in affiliation with the National Association of Independent Land Title Agents (NAILTA).  Click here for their website.

The newly-formed organization is now taking membership applications from interested members. If you are interested in finding out more information about AAILTA membership opportunities, please send your email inquiries to info@nailta.org and we will help put you in touch with this exciting new group.

Last month, interested independent land title agents met in Little Rock, Arkansas to outline the objectives of the new organization. Meetings centered on the need for independent organizations in states like Arkansas and touched on the concerns faced within the state and the relationship of local AR issues to federal issues. It was a very positive discussion that led to the result of organization.

While AAILTA leadership does not discourage dual membership in both AAILTA and ARLTA, it appears now that separate independent land title agent representation in the state is necessary to protect independent interests. Having representation at the agent level in AAILTA and the underwriter level in ARLTA gives important professional perspective and coalition power to the title insurance industry.

AAILTA joins similar organizations in Kentucky (KAILTA), Indiana (IAILTA), Ohio (OAITA), New Jersey (NJAILTA) and Louisiana (LAILTA) in serving the state needs of independent land title agents.

Membership in NAILTA as an Arkansas resident will automatically entitle you to membership in AAILTA and the reciprocity will also apply if you only join AAILTA (i.e. membership in one affords membership in the other).  For more information on becoming a member of NAILTA or AAILTA, please visit www.nailta.org.

If you are interested in helping to organize a state independent land title association in your state, please contact our state organization committee at info@nailta.org.